Take Control Of Your Life

FOR years, you may have been vying to position your business for success, or just to have better relationships where you’re respected, appreciated and cared for. However, your goal may be evading you, driving you to feel like a failure. If this is how you feel or think, then the best way is to ‘Shift’.

When I discovered the simple truth that I exist at this period in history to do one particular thing—to inspire, instill and infuse hope in other human beings—I stopped attempting to be like everyone else and decided to shift my thinking. I quit trying to find my way by mimicking others, and that’s when I found myself. I had lost me for a moment because I thought I had to say everything just right to make others like me because that’s what my friends said. They were wrong. It’s time to shift!

And this December is where I am gonna try to kick-start your 2018 to be an Awesome year!

And some of you may think you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  And yes, you are right – each spirit exists in a matrix where it pulls things toward it while repelling whatever goes against its worldview. In other words, it is you who attracts people, situations and circumstances rather than the other way around. You’re already pre-wired to be brilliant; you just need to shift your brilliance to tap into this power.

I am going to share with you in my blog on how to do just that!

Choose to be Awesome – Angelina Francesca Cheang


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