The New Future Of Getting Fit When You Travel

YOU often hear friends complaining of getting ‘fat’ when they travel and you wondered “isn’t holiday supposed to be fun?”

Here’s why.  Now, without access to your regular local supermarket or your favorite Pilates class, on your next trip you may find yourself subsisting on fattening restaurant meals and abandoning your usual exercise routine to sit for long hours on planes or buses. Vegetarian, organic, low carb, low cal, low fat — no matter which diet you’re on, there’s a good chance it went down the tubes on your last vacation.

Therefore, when choosing a hotel, look for one that offers a fitness center or pool — and then use it once you get there! Most major booking sites allow you to customize your search to show only hotels that offer certain fitness amenities.

If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, why not book one through ARFIT Club platform and if you don’t see any nearby your hotel or hostel, ARFIT Club welcomes you to recommend and within a month, the gyms you requested will be listed on ARFIT Club.  Now, while waiting to book your nearby gym, as a lower-tech option, you can always jog around the local neighborhood, make your own exercise routine of jumping jacks and squats, or do some early-morning stretches or stomach crunches before heading out for the day.


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