Are Office Snacks Making You Fat?

HERE comes confession time: Even though I eat a (mostly) healthy diet at home, I often find myself mindlessly drifting from M&M to Cheetos and back during a stressful day at my office.

In our office, we have bagel Wednesdays, guacamole Thursdays and occasional pizza Fridays on top of the day-to-day snacks that fill our pantry.  Just having those snacks available — and visible — could be the problem. Add in stress, multitasking, boredom and procrastination, and you have a perfect storm of office snackery.

When food is easily accessible, and also free, we are more likely to reach for it, and continue to overeat.  Also, when the containers were see-through instead of opaque, they ate about 2 extra helpings per day.  So reducing snacking might be as easy as changing where and how the snacks are displayed.

As a resolution, we hid the M&Ms in opaque containers, while using glass jars to display healthier snacks like dried fruit and nuts. Then we prominently displayed bottled water at eye level behind clear glass, and hid sugary sodas down below behind foggy glass. That helped water consumption rise 47 percent while sugary drinks dropped 7 percent.

Say “Yes” to healthy living today, Team Arfit


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