Fast Food Demand is Still On The Rise

EVEN with all the available healthy food chains all around America, yet 80% of Americans still prefer fast food due to mostly the hectic work demands and multiple roles a person has to juggle.

Here are some tips that will help you to make wiser choice even when the temptations of fast food is lurking around the corner.

  • Forget the phrase SUPERSIZE. Don’t double up on burgers, upsize your fries or buy in to a giant caloric beverage. Just don’t. Forget the combo orders, too. I’m all for a bargain but believe me, you’ll want to spare yourself the excess sodium, artery-clogging saturated fat, sugar, and calories. Alone, each of these things can raise your risk of chronic illness; together, well, let’s just call this a bad mix.
  • Please pass on the sugary drinks. Even small soda once a week adds up to 7,800 calories over the course of a year. It may not sound like a ton, but it could be the difference between maintaining your weight and ultimately asking yourself, “when did I gain 5 pounds?” In fact, if you’re regularly consuming soda outside of your fast food fix, you should reconsider that, too. If your workplace has a water cooler, you can fill up for free. Make it your beverage of choice.
  • Repeat the phrase, “I’ll have the single.” Though I don’t consider a fast food burger a nutritional powerhouse, a single burger has sufficient protein to fill you up and isn’t a total calorie bomb. Sure, I’d prefer to see a whole grain bun (fast food chains: Are you listening?), but the small amount of white bread every once in a while won’t do you in. If a single burger sounds too skimpy, steer yourself toward the sides and kids’ menus to look for fruits and veggies. You’ll often find a small salad, a fruit cup or even a whole piece of fruit.
  • Go easy on the fries. I know I’m asking a lot, but hear me out. Even a small order, with nearly as many calories as the burger and all those starchy carbs, won’t do your body any favors. If you can’t live without them, share them with a co-worker. But it’s a good idea to skip the side order most of the time.

So who’s up for a lunch date at Macdonald later?;)



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  1. This is crazy, amazing that people still prefer no nutrition great taste over nutrient rich food. The, any food anyway mindset may have worked for hunter-gathers but today that doesn’t apply since you can walk down the street and have fast food at your fingertips.


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