Exploring Singapore (Part III)

TODAY we are going to touch on some of my favorite hangouts in Singapore and we started that with Tiong Bahru!

It’s the first housing estate in Singapore, was once referred to as “Mei Ren Wu“ (meaning “Den of Beauties”) — can you believe tat?!

Why if you are like me wide eye starring now — it’s because men housed their mistresses in its quaint, art deco–style apartments. The neighborhood retains an Old World charm but has gentrified in recent years to become Singapore’s hipster hotspot.  Say wat!

Now it serves the hipsters and creatives who flock there from the hustle and bustle of city living, Tiong Bahru is equipped with the ultimate in coffee shop culture. At Forty Hands, one of the first boutique shops to revamp the neighborhood, locals sip caffeinated creativity in the form of strong, Aussie-style flat-whites served with impressive latte art designs — mmmmm….yum!

Next, let me bring you to Jalan Besar where a few of our FIT and STAY partners from ARFIT Club is located.  Once desolate swampland, Jalan Besar saw the rise of shop houses and factories after World War I — can you believe that? It doesn’t look one bit as a swampland at all! Recently, it has been transforming into a hipster hotspot, set to challenge Tiong Bahru for the reigning title — who will you be rooting for, friends?

As the up-and-coming hipster ‘hood, Jalan Besar is also serious about its coffee. Among the original venues to push the area’s trendy transformation, Chye Seng Huat Hardware is a concept cafe housed in a converted hardware store; its open island bar is perfect for observing baristas taking the art of coffee to new heights — should get them onboard ARFIT CLUB soon, you think?

Lastly, BUGIS! Where nearly everyone in Singapore will definitely go one time at least.

It’s named after a group of Indonesian islanders — has a more colorful history: it was a frequent haunt for sailors and transvestites before a crackdown in the 1980s.

Bras Basah demonstrates how old meets new in the Singapore art scene. Best known for its grand national museums and monuments, the district hosts the annual Night Festival where the facades of these historic buildings come to life with interactive light installations and aerial performances which are simply amazing and perfect for date nights too.

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