Exploring Singapore (part II)

SINGAPORE is emerging as a force to be reckoned with in the world of art. Identified as one of the “Art Cities of the Future,” Singapore has pursued various public programs to cultivate the arts to become the reigning art hub in Asia. The colonial-era Gillman Barracks were restored and opened in 2012 as an art enclave housing top international galleries.

Alongside larger government initiatives, the local art scene in Singapore has been experiencing its own boom, characterized by a more homegrown brand of creativity. Locals looking for an alternative to the hypermodern cityscape are seeking out authentic experiences and finding ways to infuse artistic life into their community. In partnership with Singapore Tourism Board, this month we will explore these 4 areas in Singapore where you can experience art like the locals do.

First to start off will be the famous Kampong Glam.  As Singapore’s Malay-Muslim quarter since the 1800s, Kampong Glam teems with vibrant traditions and, of course, lots and lots of color.  What I love about Kampong Glam is the rich Arabic and Malay culture that it has preserved after years of modernization. Unlike Little India and Chinatown, I find that it is less crowded here, and you have more time to stroll around, without having to squeeze in crowds.

After having and exploring all the delicious exotic food at Kampong Glam, don’t forget to check out to check out some bollywood dance moves with your friends and we have a Dance partner on ARFIT CLUB which is just 2 mins walk away.

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