How Millennial Choose to Travel

MILLENNIAL hostel-goers may not have as much money as some travelers , but they tend to spend more of their disposable income — and stay on the road longer — to see the world than many others. As a result, hostels are becoming a more popular alternative than traditional hotels for many young travelers, aged 18 to 35.

It’s inevitable that millennials — or Generation Y — are going to play a huge role in shaping the hospitality industry over the next decade. Currently, one-third of all travelers are millennials — a percentage that will only increase. By 2020, it’s projected that half of the money spent in the travel sector will come out of the pockets of millennials.

First and foremost, millennials place high importance on the availability of technology; 70.9% have expressed that the availability of free Wi-Fi plays a role in their hotel choice. Additionally, easy-to-reach outlets in the rooms and a lounge or lobby area conducive to working are crucial.  And we are one of these people too.

In terms of booking, checking-in, and checking-out, millennials want flexibility and exceptional customer service. Since 52% use mobile devices to book hotels and many books within 24 hours of arrival, a seamless process is critical. When checking in and out, 83% prefer self-service rather than interaction with staff. Hilton has recently responded to this trend with the implementation of digital check-in and check-out via smartphones.

Millennials are a group that reviews 10.2 sources before booking (peer reviews, travel sites, and other authentic sources). They know what they want from a hotel, and will first check to see if the amenities and services they want are provided. Perhaps most of all, the new plugged-in generation doesn’t want a cookie-cutter experience. Many hotels have already begun responding to this trend by actively shedding the cookie-cutter image.

Hence, what’s vital for millennials is a unique experience. More specifically, 70% say they want an immersive experience while traveling and 78% say they wish to learn something new. After all, travel is about greeting the new and unfamiliar, and having an unforgettable experience. Hotels can and should be a part of that experience. Localization is very important for hotels because millennials want to dive into the local culture.

We hear you and see you at our Partners’, Peace – Team ARFIT



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