Tips for Making a Connecting Flight

TURNS out, there is a method to the airport mad dash.  Few things in travel test your athletic ability and mental stability more than a five-minute sprint across an airport to catch a plane that leaves in 15 minutes or 5! But it doesn’t matter now. All you can do? Follow these proven suggestions—and run.


Flight attendants receive a list of passengers who are headed for connections upon landing. But alert them of your situation anyway.  A flight attendant who’s aware of your scenario may let you deplane first, which can prove crucial if you’re stuck at the back of the plane. No such luck? Ask the people around you nicely (and explain why you’re asking).  As long as you’re courteous, people likely won’t mind letting you pass, she says.


The best strategy for a tight connection is making sure you have the most accurate gate information. For that, go to the source: the airline’s app.  Many let you set flight status alerts, too, which keep you updated on changes.


I’ve seen lots of people miss flights because they literally got lost in the airport.  Try the app Gate Guru and the site, both of which provide detailed airport maps. Study them on the flight, and once you know your gate, consider how you’ll get there, too.

The bottom line? No matter what happens or how much time you have, just be nice.

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