Importance of Staying Active during Travel

STAYING active and traveling throughout life has physical, cognitive and social benefits that lead to a healthier aging process.  And Preventive Medicine found that people who cycled frequently benefited from improved mental well-being (as well as, I guess I’ll add, killer calves!).

Even if you aren’t active, travel offers the opportunity to discover new things and at new places to enrich and transform your perspective. Travel gives insight into a region’s customs and traditions, as well as helps facilitate authentic cultural experiences. According to many doctors, travel promotes brain health and builds brain resilience.  Anytime you’re placed in a new environment your senses, your powers of observation, and your focus intensify. You’re sharpening  your mind as well as enjoying the world. And getting away gives you a chance to clear your mind and put problems in better perspective. Burn-out is less likely when you prioritize travel.

Coupling that goodness with fitness activity is a double-bonus, so the next time you book a holiday, make sure you book a fitness class too!

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