Finding a gym near you

NOW with all the demand roles expected of us, it is important to release stress through workouts and exercises.  But sometimes due to the distance of the gym being quite a distance, we may and many times put that thought away.

ARFIT Club knows that and have offer a brilliant solution.  Now hear this, we know proximity remains one of the biggest drivers of where people work out.  The support for boutiques enables them to pop up just about anywhere, which is precisely what they’ve done and ARFIT Club has invited them to join their expanding group of partners which they personally selected.

This means that until there is practically “a gym on every corner,” there remains plenty of opportunity for the boutique market to expand. Is there an endpoint to this rapid growth? Absolutely. Eventually the market will get saturated, competition will drive the average price per class down, the economics won’t look quite as good to operators, and facility build-outs will plateau. But the majority of signs point to growth for the foreseeable future.


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