Connecting with Yoga

My favourite definition of yoga is that it is any method that allows us to wake up to who we really are and to what life is all about. Anything that allows us to be more aware of ourselves and to feel connected to ourselves and life is a form of yoga. It could arise from having a cup of tea, as is done in Japan in formal tea ceremonies. Or it could be the sense of connection that comes from doing something you enjoy like sports or gardening.

Everything we do can become yoga if it is done with awareness. Awareness is the key. Awareness allows us to feel and experience connection. Without awareness we could be connected and not even know it. So when teachers teach yoga, I’ve learned they are emphasising awareness rather than just technique.

The key to yoga is awareness–discovering the luminous intelligence that lies within us all. When we find and cultivate this aspect of ourselves, we create our own health, happiness and peace which we can then, in turn, convey to others.  Now my friend, this is the true essence of Yoga.

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