True Essence of Yoga

I practice Yoga regularly as I believe in the true essence of its teachings.  As I realised that many friends are upset or were affected by some practitioners of Yoga, I wish to enhance the true essence of it here in my blogs for this week.  So if you are like me, simply reliquish in inner peace and harmony, I welcome you to join me in my discovery this week in the True Essence of Yoga.

There are many definitions of yoga.  I will pick a few important pointers and share them on this week of my blogs in 5 parts.

  1. IN Sanskrit, the word ‘yoga’ is used to signify any form of connection.  In a philosophical sense, however, yoga simply means the conscious connection of the little egoic self with the greater Self.
  2. Yoga is also a science by leading us to consciously connect with ourselves and with life.  It is als the actual experience of connection that results from practicing the techniques.  Yoga allows each one of us to access our own truth and to arrive at that truth by our own means, through our own chosen path.
  3. The definition of yoga in the Hatha Yoga texts is the union of prana (the upward force) and apana (the downward force) in manipura chakra (at the navel center). Hatha yoga teaches us to master the life force of prana. By learning how to feel and manipulate the life force, we access the source of our being. If prana and apana can be united in manipura chakra, we can awaken a very powerful energy which leads to the attainment of Raja Yoga, self-realisation.

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