Fitness and Wellness Clubs – Singapore

Finally, a club that cares for your health goals and you.

As you scroll to thousands of exercises, classes and activities, your fingers do most workout than your health.  ARFIT CLUB offers the ultimate solution to everyone who wishes to take their first major step into finding a gym, a yoga, a bootcamp, or just any activity that you are comfortable to sweat out in without a membership package being committed or the thousands of confusing words you will face.

ARFIT CLUB is easy to use and photographs on site are real-time and as true to its slogan as it goes — Get Real. We Care.  They have proven true to their promise.  Expect to find unique fitness clubs which you have not yet heard of but be blown away by what they have to offer when you make your visits.  All partners are selectively invited by ARFIT CLUB and they are all local entrepreneurs.

Take one fitness partner of ARFIT CLUB for instance — SuperFit. Global.  Started by the Director of Spartan Race Asia, Mr. Steffan Fung, he has began a worldwide movement with his club and his team.  Their amazing programmes include Spartan Race Boot Camp Trainings, Men’s Health Urbanathlon Training, and Suunto Running Group, etc.  Find these services at super affordable prices on ARFIT CLUB.

Expansion plan is on its way but TEAM ARFIT CLUB will be keeping it secret till then.. and we are anticipating.

2 thoughts on “Fitness and Wellness Clubs – Singapore

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