Holidays Can Be Cheap

Do you want to experience new countries and cities around the world but not worry about the cost of your accommodation?

Staying in a hostel may not just save you a substantial amount of money but will also enable you to interact and mix with other like-minded travellers, who will have local recommendations, making your stay all the more authentic.

Generally hostels are much cheaper than hotels with prices as low as SGD20, depending on the destination you are planning to visit. For an even cheaper budget option, guests also have the option to stay in a dorm room and save even more.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable sharing your room with random people and your budget is a little less stretched, there is always the option of booking a private room, which the majority of hostels at ARFIT CLUB offer, where you can experience a little more luxury, your own en-suite and a bit of privacy.

The sort of tangible benefit of staying in the hostel is quite obvious, more interesting are the communal areas, bars and spacious shared rooms in the hostels which allow travellers to meet new interesting people who may become your friends and fellow travellers on your journey. These days having the right connections can be quite key in setting your future, so what would be the better way of networking than while you are in a relaxed travel mode.

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