Impossible to Find Gyms

Any time I had traveled in the past, I abandoned my workouts and healthy eating went right out the window because: “Hey, I’m traveling!” Returning home from any trip was like taking five giant steps backward on my health and having to start over. It bummed me out, but I was always worried about missing that amazing meal or big night out.

I bet we all can relate.

Hence while on a long trip abroad, I was thinking,”Hey, I run a successful athleisure wear company and have written so many healthy and get fit blogs, there’s bound to be a way!”

I also wanted to prove that it was possible to have it all. That you can stay healthy and strong and fit, and also have amazing adventures, say yes to parties, eat local food, and live in the moment while traveling.  That’s when ARFIT Club is borned.  A community that sought out decent good fitness and wellness studios which are situated near to the fabulous hostels all around the world.

This awesome community has just been borned recently, so while the team is busy welcoming partners and members from all around.  We shall sit back and enjoy our pina colada waiting for ARFIT CLUB to open door to all the real people like us out there.

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