Useful Tips When Booking Hostels

As we carry on from our previous blog on why we love to stay at the hostels we pick (as can be seen from our instagram ARFITCLUB), now we share with you some of our useful tips to use when booking hostels:

1) Learn the different or the reality of photos taken:
Note the difference between professional shots and traveler shots. The traveler shots will be what the hostel is really like. The professional shots are the ones taken a couple years ago when the place opened.

2) Book your necessities way in advance:
Confirm what is included and what is not included i.e. towels, breakfast, wifi, walking tours. It may save you to spring for the more expensive hostel if it includes more.

3) Research, research and more research
Do your research by neighborhood. Pick the best neighborhood in town for you based on your priorities (food, restaurants, trendy culture, shopping, nightlife, markets, museums and sights) and drill down to those streets to stay in the thick of it rather than commute to it.

3) Reviews are crucial but only the real ones
Read the reviews, and watch out for the fake ones. Read between the lines and see what the place is really like these days. Unfortunately, sometimes accommodation venues get on and leave their own fake reviews. So watch for uniqueness in review, and number of reviews that individual user has left.

Now go and enjoy and explore the world!

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