Why I Pick to Stay at Hostel

It blows my mind that people want to stay in hotels. Hotels are great for a few occasions — and a few at best. But, if you’re under the age of 30, you’re missing out if you’re staying in a hotel. From the people to the parties, there’s so much happening in other modes of travel lodging of which you could be a part. For anyone who may not know, a hostel is like staying in a dorm room. You get a bunk bed and you share a shower with people, but it’s cheap. It starts at like $10 a night, and if you’re traveling, you’re probably not spending a whole ton of time in there, anyway. Some hostels also have private rooms, like hotel rooms, at a pretty cheap rate.

There’s also Airbnb, which is basically like renting someone’s apartment, house, living room or whatever the person puts up for rent. Some people are also cool and will want to show you around their city. Similar to this is CouchSurfing, where you pay nothing to hang out on someone’s couch. With all of the technology out there, there’s no reason to want to pay for an overpriced hotel room you’ll only sleep in!

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